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Subject: File-header overwriting
Author: peterkoersch
Date: 06/26/2003 09:31
I have downloaded entire site- and wanted to update the 
mirror. Unfortunately the server limits transfers- so I 
received error message. WinHTTrack has overwriten headers 
of all jpeg and mpg files in such a way, that I can no 
longer use them. Each header contained information :copied 
with winhttrack and "the file was temporarily moved".
OK, but on update - the files were not modified. The 
HTTrack seemed to treat modified files as if they were ok- 
indeed they had right sizes- but were unuseable.
Seems here should be introduced not only file-size check- 
but also checksum



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File-header overwriting

06/26/2003 09:31
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06/26/2003 09:36
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06/29/2003 14:14


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