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Subject: Re: How to save my progress?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/06/2003 17:26
> I am mirroring a site i can't finish in one session and i 
> wanted to know the proper procedure for saving my 
> so when i turn off my computer and come back it resumes 
> where i left off. I just downloaded this so i am still 
> unfamiliar with it a little. 

Cancel the mirror, and wait for pending downloads to 
finish. You will then be able to "Continue an interrupted 
mirror" safely.

> And how do i open the mirrored 
> site to look in it when i am offline when i want to read 
> get a zip file i saved?
Just double click on the index.html created in the project 

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How to save my progress?

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Re: How to save my progress?

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