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Subject: Re: SWF within document.write()
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/10/2003 20:40
> I know that JavaScript is difficult to parse w/o a full-
> blown javascript engine, however I've run across a few 
> sites that work to detect whether or not flash (or at 
> a specific version of flash) is installed and use 
> document.write() to spit out the appropriate object/embed 
> tags for flash, or img tags for browsers that aren't 
> capable.
> Any chance that the flash URL detection code can be 
> included inside of javascript that does document.write()?
If httrack is not able to detect it, no. The engine tries 
its best to detect embedded (even document.write ones) 
links, but cases "too complex" will never be solved (way 
too complex to implement)

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