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Subject: Relative references in Windows GUI
Author: Rich
Date: 07/17/2003 16:01
I am using the windows gui, not the command line version.

When I copy a site down onto my C drive, the URL references 
are all referenceing the folder structure on the C drive 
where the copy is stored.

What I want to do is to eventually copy this site to a CD 
for future reference, but I believe that I'll need relative 
URL refeences for that.

It looks like the -K0 (K zero) option is supposed to do 
this, but I can't figure out where to put it in the windows 
GUI version to make it work.  It doesn't work after the 
URL, or after the save path name, and I couldn't find an 
option check box for it.

I'm sure that there is something simple I'm overlooking.  
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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Relative references in Windows GUI

07/17/2003 16:01
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