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Subject: Re: Save all the content seen in IE...
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/18/2003 07:13
> I would like to set a generic rule to download both 
> graphics and html pages for simple web pages, but also 
> when we have a frameset, all pages contained in this 
> frameset and the graphic contained in those pages. Is 
> possible to do this. Moreover,with the same rules we 
> like to be able to store also pages in cases of 
> redirections (ex ->   
> Is it possible to do this ?
Err, no. Redirections, especially, are not followed by 
default, because many sites are using this to redirect 
external links (that is, there are pages that redirects to 
external links instead of having the external links 
actually written)

I may implement frame "automatic following" in the future, 
however, as some sites are just a 1-frame html page which 
redirects to another place (example: domains with content 
hosted in a "free" hosting provider)

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Save all the content seen in IE...

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Re: Save all the content seen in IE...

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