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Subject: Proyect folder Location wont stick
Author: Diego
Date: 07/18/2003 10:33
Hey!  Great Program.

I have found a problem though, and would like to help to solve it. 

The problem is that in extremely large downloads (1+gigas) the program does
not assing the downloaded files to the folder I defined.  

Basically, I am dowloading some news archiives, per year.
So, under a folder News, I want to create proyects 1996, 1997, etc. 
Generally, I can download the starting proyect (say 1996) without any problem
to x:\news\1996.  But then, when i try to download 1997, the files get
dowloaded to x:\news or even X:\ instead of x:\news\1997.  I tried to download
to a totally different location (say x;\temp) yet the program will still set
the project to x:\news or x:\.

Any idea why that may be so?

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Proyect folder Location wont stick

07/18/2003 10:33
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07/18/2003 10:51


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