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Subject: Re: memory problems under linux
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/19/2003 18:20
> > hello i am using httrack under linux and it seems that 
> > has a problem in freeing used memory :

Okay, after longer tests, a leak was found in tempnam() 
which was not properly cleared. Fixed for the next release.

(thanks valgrind!)
==12901== 6426 bytes in 378 blocks are definitely lost in 
loss record 31 of 38
==12901==    at 0x49488414: malloc (vg_clientfuncs.c:103)
==12901==    by 0x497601F5: __strdup (in /lib/
==12901==    by 0x4974CB06: tempnam (in /lib/
==12901==    by 0x49595362: back_finalize (htsback.c:164)

This might be the reason of the leaks. 

But also remember that httrack is caching html documents 
downloaded on-the-fly (generally these documents will be 
put on swap space until they'll actually be parsed)
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