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Subject: Re: problkems with cgi url's containing ?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/23/2003 18:46
> i have a link with lot's of ? ie: 
> <http://........../picnav/cgi-bin/picnav.cgi?>>;
> Each time i launch WinHttrack, i get from error log the 
> message 401 authorisation requested.
> While i am putting the correct username/password, why i 
> getting such error.

httrack may not transfer the creditentials? A possible 
reason: if these links are absolute (http://), httrak will 
not send creditentials unless the host/directory 

If the starting URL was:
and the link points to:

then, httrack won't pass the username/password.

The only hack to bypass this limit is to add a second fake 
URL in httrack:

In this case, httrack should send creditentials when seeing 
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