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Subject: Re: What are valid scan rule patterns?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/29/2003 19:02
> The scan rules aren't exactly regular expressions, 
> not shell globs... so what are all the valid patterns and 
> special characters that httrack uses? I've gone through 
> the manuals and lots of messages on the forums, here's 
> what I've gathered so far:

See also the small documentation:

> [0-9] will match a single digit. I have no idea if it can 
> be done with letters like [a-zA-Z], and I don't think you 
> can specify repitition.

Yes, you can, as in

> * acts like .* in a regular expression, not sure if it's 
> greedy or non-greedy, though <-- would really help out if 
> I knew for sure

Err what would it change on a matching? (isn't the 
difference only important in replacement?)

> appending *[<20>50] to a rule filters content less than 
> 20KB in size, and greater than 50KB. Just *[<20] would 
> mean filter less than 20KB.


> Are there other special characters (Like +)? 

No. * and *[<options>] are the only syntax.

> I did start expirementing to answer my questions, but 
> after trying some long scan rules and wasting time and 
> bandwidth, I'm still not sure exactly how these scan 
> are parsed. Tried looking at htsparse.c (169KB) not even 
> sure if that's the right file :(

Yes it is :)

> So does anyone know how exactly these scan rule patterns 
> work?
I should :)
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