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Subject: Re: New features wish list
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 08/06/2001 09:43
> - A directory for only the new files
>   the idea is that httrack do the same as do today, 
> but create a new directory just for the update 
> Where all new versions will be copied there. Why it, 
> because I can create a schedule to update all 

Might be interesting, but not so obvious todo, because 
of the caching system (new files named differently may
cause problems to the cache!)

> - Schedule Update
>   create a way to run a project in a special time

Ah yes, this one have been on the TODO list for a 
while.. I'll have to code it one day!!

> - Add a file to be run before and after the project 
> be run.

Might be an idea (in batch mode I assume)
> - Use the FTP to update a target web site that was 
> updated.

Well, mirror a website and THEN, upload all files? On 
Linux systems, the best way to do that is lftp, a great
tool which is really powerful for ftp transfers:

user anonymous foobar
mirror -Rc foo

Will mirror (and only tranfer if necessary) the "foo" 
directory remotely
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