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Subject: Re: cursor style
Author: Steve Fox
Date: 07/30/2003 08:59
Thanks for the background. It sounds like all the 
functions are in place, so just how much of a challenge 
would it be to add this particular feature? Or it it worth 

Anyhow, apart from the cursor: style, HTTrack has worked 
beautifully for me! I really can't complain. :D

> I believe what Xavier is saying is HTTrack is not 
> with .ico and .cur files and won't attempt to 'discover' 
> them (I think only obvious locations like A HREF will 
> Files that the program *is* familiar with 
(eg: .gif, .jpg, .
> htm) it will make good effort to find in all almost all 
> locations within a page.  This is how HTTrack is able to 
> discover graphics and links inside javascript and 
> stylesheets (yes it can find backgrounds and url() 
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