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Subject: Re: Dial-up user -links are skipped while reconnecting
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 08/01/2003 19:55
> During the time I'm reconnecting, HTTrack continues to
> attempt to download links, and seems to very quickly flag
> hundreds of them as 'Connect Error', and so these are 
> out from the download.

Humm, a good PPP system should hold (freeze) connections 
and resolving requests until the connection is up again ; 
but apparently this isn't supported by most PPP dialers.

> Anyway I'm wondering if there is a way of configuring
> HTTrack so it will pause automatically when my internet
> connection is unavailable?? if not, could this feature
> please be made available in a future version.

Well, no, this isn't implemented, because quite difficult 
to do : how do you figure that the connection was broken? 
You can have a PPP link, or an upper layer through a DSL 
link, or a routing link, or a transparent bridge.. 

The only solution, maybe, would be to freeze everything if 
all connection are shutdown at the same time.. I'll try to 
do tests in future releases (added on the TODO list)

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Dial-up user -links are skipped while reconnecting

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