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Subject: How to stop https
Author: Chris Waskowich
Date: 08/03/2003 00:03
OK, this is a different problem than the typical https issues I've read.

I *just* downloaded and complied httrack for my Redhat 8.0 machine.  I 
do not have the ssl enabled in httrack.

I ran httrack and all is great... except for one thing.  There is a link on a

site to an external https site (e.g. <>).  The problem 
is, httrack is trying to access the link on the original site as '//' and thus gets a 404 - basically, it ignores the 'https:' part 
and tries to access the the domain as if it was a file at the root of the 
original site.  Since https is not enabled, why is it trying to do *anything*

with the site... and how do I stop it from doing this (besides enabling 

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