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Subject: Using original file names, instead of "hashing"
Author: Graham J. Ellis
Date: 08/04/2003 15:54
Can I do this?
I need to collect certain archived images.  The images are 
output from the archive using a query string, in a URL 
similar to this:

This produces a certain image.  I know the format of the 
image in each instance (mostly .GIF).  I have generated a 
List file of the links I need to capture (%L), and I can 
instruct HTTrack to image these by telling it not to get 
HTML files and assume that other files are of a specified 
type, but I can't persuade it to name the files sensibly.

The only success I get is when I allow HTTrack to name the 
outputs with 'M5' hashing codes, whereupon I get a 
directory full of files named "image5f6e.gif," etc.

There are too many items to go through by hand renaming, 
when I already have the names listed in my list file.

How do I persuade HTTrack to name the link it grabs in a 
manner that is at least similar to the link at which it was 
Something like this would be the best output of all:
but I could live with capturing just the last name/value 

*Suggested Feature*
Can we have HTTrack automatically HTTP encode the URL?  
This would then require far fewer occaisions where 'M5' 
hashing is the only sensible course of action.  In the 
above example, the link would be saved as something like 
with hashing codes being used only where duplictes occur 
(or where the option is specified).

What do you think?
Thanks for listening, and for any help anyone can provide...

Graham J. Ellis

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Using original file names, instead of "hashing"

08/04/2003 15:54
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