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Subject: HTTrack WC is and always remain to be the best.
Author: Roy
Date: 08/07/2003 21:48
All I have to say is great job. This is the only one that 
actually got all of the files I wanted to view/store/keep. 
What I love most about this, is that, it's free, it's open 
source, and there's no bloatware of any kind.. unlike the 
other website downloaders I have tried. I would like it 
even more if this software keeps getting updated. Thanks 
for the job well done on this.

P.S. I found this on which I included here 
because it bothers me that such people abuse the rating 


91% Thumbs Up -
9% Thumbs Down - which is dumb because those who gave it 
negatives didn't know how to use it or are not computer 
illiterate. For example:

"what do this program wants from me?"
could not understand how to use it normaly. many times 

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HTTrack WC is and always remain to be the best.

08/07/2003 21:48


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