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Subject: Renaming php3 --> html files
Author: Vladi
Date: 08/10/2003 18:48
I found in "Httrack Users Guide":

"This new option is important: you can include query-string 
content when forming the destination filename!

Example: you are mirroring a huge website, with many pages 
named as:

 Then you can use the -N option:

httrack -N "%h%p/%n%[page].%t"

 If found, the "page" parameter will be included after
the filename, and the URLs above will be saved as:


First of all I would prefer to rename:


How can I give this option in WinHTTrack? I couldn't find 
it in the options tabs.
And how does it work exactly?Otherwise how to do it in the command line
Sorry if the question is simple, but I am newbie.


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