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Subject: Bug in java script path
Author: Emil
Date: 08/15/2003 19:59
I am doing maintence on a browser for a client and use 
HTTrack to copy sites to my disk so that I can cut the 
content down to issolate the bug.  Your tool is very 
helpful.  When I downloaded the site 
<> I found that it was not 
finding the primary CCS file, which was selected by 
js_scripts/green/browser_sniffer.js.  The problem was that 
the path to the actual css file, css/green_xxx.css, in 
browser_sniffer.js was incorrect.  The path was relative 
to browser_sniffer.js rather than from the index.html in 
Passiosns.  I fixed this path and the page displayed 
correctly (in IE).

I appologize if this was not right place to report this, 
but a quick look did not find an obvious bug page.  I did 
look for 

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Bug in java script path

08/15/2003 19:59
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