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Subject: data changed, but page size the same
Author: Steve Fox
Date: 08/16/2003 06:07
I use HTTRACK for just one purpose - to convert my 
company's dynamic database driven .asp website into a 
pure .htm website which we can burn onto a CDROM. And 
HTTRACK does an impressive job!!

I have one minor problem tho. When a price in our database 
changes, such as from $19.95 to $24.95, I need to rescan 
the website so I can update the CDROM. When doing an 
update HTTRACK does not detect the price change apparently 
because the file size is still exactly the same as before. 
The only way to work around this - that I have found - is 
to start a new project and download the entire site again 
which takes a very very long time.

So is there a simple solution I have missed? Or can I 
suggest something like an optional page checksum function 

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data changed, but page size the same

08/16/2003 06:07
Re: data changed, but page size the same

08/16/2003 08:21


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