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Subject: Re: all is .txt
Author: Tom W
Date: 08/17/2003 01:25
> > I have tried several different settings, but no matter 
> what
> > I do, every page is stored as .txt instead of .htm. Even 
> the
> > folder is named web/txt if I choose to save all html to 
> the
> > web/html. I can manually rename all files afterwards 
> to .htm
> > but can't get the index.htm to work. What gives?> 
> Humm, broken webserver? Try to check the 'use old http/1.0' 
> in the options, or use MIME types to force the correct type.
> BTW - what are the bogus URLs?> 

Going with 'use old http/1.0' seems to have done the trick.
Sorry it took so long to get back with this. I was trying to
get a bunch of pages off There were just over 50
pages listing just over 1000 books and it took me over 60
hours to load the 1000 links. Kinda slow. I know if I
manually had to open each of the 1000 links, I could be done
in about 15 minutes. Got 'em all, renamed to .htm. 
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