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Subject: Problem with cookie authentication (403 forbidden)
Author: Bruce Doering II
Date: 08/18/2003 04:40
I've been trying to grab a site that uses authentication 
via cookies. I can browse the site just fine but when I try 
to use HTTrack (even when I'm browsing the site while it's 
running) I get 403 forbidden for any files that require 
login. I tried moving my cookies, and HTTrack made it's own 
little cookie.txt file but that did not work.

I copied that cookie.txt file (and my IE cookie/index.dat) 
pretty much everywhere but it still doesn't work. I was 
reading on the forums how if you clear your cookies and use 
capture url (I already capped and it still didn't work) 
then it might work. So I logged into the site and then 
cleared cookies, temp inet files and history. I clicked on 
the link I want with capture URL and it caught it (same 
link as it had caught before) but now it's returning me to 
the login page.

The funny thing is that the main index.html page that is 
inaccessible without logging in WAS captured the first time 
around (before cookie clear) but anything on that 
index.html that was behind auth (pages, gifs, etc...) was 
403 forbidden. So it got the first page, kind of. *shrug*

After clearing my cookies it won't even go to that state of 
functionality. However, if I get rid of the URL that it 
captured and replace it with the actual url of the site 
then it will try and capture the index.html page (and 
return a 403 forbidden) instead of referring me to the 
login page. It *won't* capture that page and deny the 
pictures like it used to, it won't even capture the 
index.html page now.

I'm confused, and even replaced the PHPSESSID (I assume 
this means it's a PHP form authentication system) with the 
one found in my cookie in temporay internet files. That 
didn't work so I replaced all the information in the 
cookies.txt file made by HTTrack with my real cookie and it 
still didn't work.

This is starting to be frustrating and I'm sure there's an 
easy workaround for this. Any help would be greatly 

Despite the ranting I do love your program! :D

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Problem with cookie authentication (403 forbidden)

08/18/2003 04:40


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