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Subject: Parsing takes too much time
Author: Dmitry
Date: 08/21/2003 12:54
  I am trying to mirror a site with very large number of 
html pages using Windows GUI version of HTTrack
Most of time i can see only a single thread in "scanning" 
state and all other threads are idle in "ready" state
Overall pure "Receiving" time is about 1h while "Parsing 
HTML file (testing links)" takes about 30h.

  Are there some options i can turn off to reduce parsing 
One other possibly related problem - after about 20 hours i 
have stopped the mirroring and tried to "Continue 
interrupted download" after adding some filters. It looks 
like a new cache created and all parsing and downloading 
work restarted from the begining.
   Are there something i did wrong?

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Parsing takes too much time

08/21/2003 12:54
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