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Subject: Re: Too big a download size...
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 08/21/2003 14:10
> i haven't used WinHTTrack in a while and I was wondering 
> if you have solved the issue of the app keeping a 2nd 
> of nearly every file for update checking?  You once said 
> this was neccessary for fast reliable updates but 
> metaproducts Offline Explorer done away with these some 
> time back and having just tried the trial I can say theat 
> it works like a dream.  Can you not use a similar method 
> for your app?
Not really. The fact is that httrack creates a browser-
compatible structure (that is, which can be browsed without 
any specific proprietary browser) which can also be moved 
to an online location. Wherever you put a mirror created by 
httrack (disk, CDrom, DVDrom, website..) it will work. 
Besides, httrack does not stores original URLs in html 
pages, as it could create other problems (javascripting 

Therefore the only reliable solution to keep track of 
original html links is to store original html data 
somewhere. It will not double the site size, but it will 
double the html data size, that's right.

There is no other reliable solution if you don't want to 
use a proprietary browser and/or hacking original html data.

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