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Subject: Custom directories
Author: Kam Bansal
Date: 08/21/2003 18:03
Hi all,

I need to scrape come content, and put the files in a 
defined file structure and I'm lost!

This is what I need:

#1. I want to store the site in "/home/kam/content/" and I 
use the "-O" option to do that.
#2. I am only copying 1 level files (only the initial file 
and what the links point to, not what the links within the 
links point to)
#3. I want all the HTML files to be on the "root" level 
#4. I want all image files in the "images" dir 
#5. I want all other files (non images, non html) in 
the "documents" dir (/home/kam/content/documents)

Any thoughts?!


~Kam (^8*

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08/21/2003 18:03
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