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Subject: No patents in Europe protest
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 08/22/2003 18:03
I am generally reluctant in putting banners for various 
causes on, but I think that the reason is 
important enough for the open source communauty to react.

As you may have heard, software patents are going to be 
introduced on Europe after an heavy lobbying ($$) from 
giant corporations such as Microsoft and other BSA-related 

This is not only a threat for the open source world, but 
also for all small companies, for all independent software 
authors who may be soon sued because of intellectual 
property infingement. It is a threat for everyone.

I do not want to pay in the future lawyers to get the right 
to write softwares. It is a question of freedom - please 
help us!


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No patents in Europe protest

08/22/2003 18:03


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