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Subject: Re: CSS & JS updated with abs. path /
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 08/24/2003 15:17
> The server to be mirrored contains two or three style 
> sheets.
> The download of the mirror is 100% successfull, but when 
> brouwser through the mirror, the mirror looks for files 
> like: 
> C:cfgsplash.html, in stead of: 
> C:My Web SitesAP-600z_27_6.53cfgsplash.html
> This is because in the .JS and .CSS file the path's are 
> absolute and not relative. Abosulte like: 

This means that httrack did not "see" these links. This may 
be related to the "Javascript links are not adapted 
anymore" thread.
Can you try the 3.30-RC14 just released today and see if 
the problem still occurs please?
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CSS & JS updated with abs. path /

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