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Subject: Nice Feature to Add: Multi-Session Download
Author: maxman
Date: 08/26/2003 10:28
As far as I know, this feature is not available in HTTRACK 
and would be very nice to add. I want to be able to use 
HTTRACK simply as download managers. I other words, to be 
able to interrupt the web site downloading at any time, 
close HTTRACK, then come later, open the same project and 
continue. It would be nice to have this feature deep to the 
file level, meaning that I can partially download big files 
like AVIs and MOVs, stop at any time, then come back later 
and continue downloading that big file from where I stopped.

Also it would be good if this feature can detect the loss 
of connection and mark files being downloaded 
as "interrupted" to continue from where it stopped later. 
What if it can also overcome a PC/light outage or program 
crash and continue from where it stopped? (pushing the 
limits I know :p)

This feature would be very good for users on diap-up 
connections or who can not afford continious long time 
Internet access.


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Nice Feature to Add: Multi-Session Download

08/26/2003 10:28


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