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Subject: Re: A question:
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 08/26/2003 19:26
> I'm trying to download specific part of a message board, 
> which contains about 700 posts. However, I ended up 
> downloadind thousands of html files and the size went up 
> to 2 gigs and counting. I wonder is this right or I 
> screwed up somewhere. 

Maybe a loop, or duplicate posts (like the same page but 
with ?foo=next or ?foo=previous) ; you'll have to check how 
message links "look like"

I'd be greatful if someone more 
> experienced with this kind of things could help me out.  
> The main address is: <>   and 
> part I want to download is the 'Editing Board'.

At a first glance, exclude everything but images, and then 
select the desired thread ; for example 1234, and do not 
get "flat views" (the end must be t=XXX) :

Set Options / Scan rules:

-* +*.gif +*.png +*.jpg +*.css +*.js*t=1234*[]

(replace 1234 by the desired thread it, that is, the number 
in t=XXX)
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