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Subject: Word database (RC13)
Author: Adem
Date: 08/28/2003 08:15

First, thank you so much for such a useful tool.

I am doing some linguistic analysis and I was
simply overjoyed when I found out that HTTrack
could make word list.

I have 2 questions regarding this:

1) I am using RC13 (which is just fine, BTW)
but, even when I tick the 'Word database' 
checkbox I have no index.txt anywhere. Does it
not work yet, or is it somewhere other than
the mirror folder for the site?
2) Assuming 'Word database' works, can I apply
it to other previously mirrored sites? Some of 
which was mirrored with HTTrack and some with 

And, one no-biggy feature wish: Can you either 
make the form non-resizable or, if not, make the 
controls on the form behavior anchored. So that, 
say, the groupboxes and other controls dont look 
squezed-to-corner on a 1200x1600 resolution.

Thank you again,


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