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Subject: Re: Filenames and Querystrings
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 09/05/2003 06:54
> Is it possible to change the way of building filenames 
> when saving a dynamic page?
Options / Build / User-defined stricture (or in 
commandline, option -N ..)

> For example if I have a file like the following:
> page.php?pid=12345&zid=9876&id=4567 
> I want it to be saved as:
> pagepid12345zid9876id4567.html


> or
> page_pid_12345_zid_9876_id_4567.html


> or
> page_pid12345_zid9876_id4567.html


See the httrack --help commands:

Details: User-defined option N
  '%n' Name of file without file type (ex: image)
  '%N' Name of file, including file type (ex: image.gif)
  '%t' File type (ex: gif)
  '%p' Path [without ending /] (ex: /someimages)
  '%h' Host name (ex:
  '%M' URL MD5 (128 bits, 32 ascii bytes)
  '%Q' query string MD5 (128 bits, 32 ascii bytes)
  '%q' small query string MD5 (16 bits, 4 ascii bytes)
     '%s?' Short name version (ex: %sN)
  '%[param]' param variable in query string
  '%[param:before:after:notfound:empty]' advanced variable 
Details: User-defined option N and advanced variable 
   param : parameter name
   before : string to prepend if the parameter was found
   after : string to append if the parameter was found
   notfound : string replacement if the parameter could not 
be found
   empty : string replacement if the parameter was empty
   all fields, except the first one (the parameter name), 
can be empty
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