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Subject: Re: Clever Parsing update request
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 09/07/2003 11:51
> Sites created with Adobe GoLive often have javascript 
> rollover code with the following format:
> CSInit[CSInit.length] = new Array
> /*URL*/'/images/dotblack.gif',/*URL*/'../../images/dotwhit
> gif',/*URL*/'','Link title');
> v3.30-rc15 is unable to find the images.  It is important 
> that HTTrack can detect images within this code.

This bug should be fixed in 3.30-RC16 ; due to bad handling 
of comments during the link detection phase (the links were 
seen, but not considered as valid, as the previous 
character was seen as '/' instead of ',')

> Second thing is just for consideration.  It's a 'would be 
> nice, but if it's too hard then don't bother.
> Word documents saved as web page contain frustratingly 
> HTML, including:
> <!--[if gte vml 100]>
> <v:imagedata src='/images/dotwhite.gif' o:title='sport 
> 2'/>
> <![endif]-->
> This is a HTML hack for Internet Explorer.  Because the 
> image is within comments tags, HTTrack won't discover it, 
> and IE will present a broken image.

Humm, thr problem is that I disabled commented zone parsing 
because it generated other bugs / invalid requests

And anyway I strongly suspect that this code won't workwith 
browsers like Mozilla.. as usual, a proprietary and 
incompatible extension from Microsoft :(
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