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Subject: Re: Installation on REDHAT 7.1???
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 09/07/2003 11:58
> I downloaded the appropiate tar.gz file. i extracted it
> succesfully.
> i read the enclosed help file that said how to install it.

That is, I suppose,
./configure && make
and as root,
make install

or as root,
./configure && make && make install

Then, use 'httrack'

> running in root)  but every time i try to  run the program
> by typing  ' ./programname  it says permission denied... 
> im on root but it still wont work. just says permission 
Weird?! Did you run 'make install' and then 
launch 'httrack' (not ./httrack) ?
> how the hell do i run this program?> im also using the GUI... redhat 7.1

The GUI needs post-install commands to be executed:

ln -s ../doc/httrack/html /usr/share/httrack/
mkdir -p /usr/lib/httrack && chmod 755 /usr/lib/httrack 
mv /usr/bin/htsserver /usr/lib/httrack/
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