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Subject: Redirect
Author: Jaco de Vroed
Date: 09/08/2003 08:23

I am trying to download <>-
lex/nl/consleg/reg/nl_register_1720.html, but get into 
trouble for redirections.  The documents listed on this 
page(URL's containing '') appearantly redirect to 
another page, and I can't find the right option to get 
this to work. I just get a page saying 'page has moved' on 
my hard drive, which then redirects my browser to the web 
site where the correct page is located. Any ideas on how 
to get these pages on my local hard drive as well?
Funny thing is, that when I copy one of these '' 
URLs into the HTTrack project, everything is downloaded OK 
(for instance <>-

Thanks in advance, kind regards,

Jaco de Vroed.

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