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Subject: --max-time=N feature
Author: TrashCan
Date: 09/10/2003 23:09

I am using httrack to mirror sites and measure the time 
taken in the process to evaluate download speed at 
different times. This is done automatically by a set of 
scripts I made.

So far I've had very little problems but there is one 
problem I cannot get through.
When httrack tries to mirror a site and for some external 
reason (network congestion, network failure, dns failure, 
etc) it fails to mirror it, it apparently doesn't respect 
the time limits I pass to it through command line.
For example, I remove the default route so it can't 
download the site and I run the following line:

httrack <> -O "/var/tmp/bajardump/" --
mirror --timeout=1 --retries=1 --max-time=2 --single-log

Notice I use the --timeout=1 and the --max-time=2 to force 
the program to end after only 2 seconds.

The program runs and it takes about 1 minute 15 seconds to 

Am I misinterpreting the command line options or is it 
wrong that the program doesn't exit after the 2 seconds I 
specify in the max-time variable?
I would need, to avoid httack from overlapping in each 
script run, that it exits in a time-definable manner, is 
this possible or I need to use an external method (e.g. 
kill) to end it in a timely fashion?

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