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Subject: Re: Stop to / convertion to index.html
Author: Ruben Zevallos Jr.
Date: 08/10/2001 21:17
I´m using the HTTrack not to use the copied pages 
locally. I´m using to make my web sites faster than 
they are today.

I´m developing lot´s of web sites with ASP. 100% 
dynamic, but about 80% do not need to be processed all 
the time. My idea is to convert all pages to HTML 
every time that I have some update.

A HTML Page is times faster than a ASP page. And also 
the HTTP server can use Cache and the HTTP 1.1 
protocol to compress.

Can I have a option to disable the feature or to add a 
default page name insted index.html?> > I have some references like this
> > <a href='/' class='sitelink'>Página Inicial</a>
> > But after HTTrack I have this.
> > <a href='index.html' class='sitelink'>Página 
> Yes - / is always named, because the HTTP protocol 
> defined a 'default' page (generally index.html) that 
> can be accessed through /
> > I unchecked the index at HTTrack configuration, 
> is 
> > not working.
> > I had to change all files one by one.
> But why do you want to change this? If you put '/' 
> this won't work locally (this will display the 
> directory index in best cases)

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