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Subject: * * HTTrack 3.30-RC18 (3.29.38) has been released
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 09/21/2003 10:21
1. "global" timeout was not aggressive enough
This should fix the timeout problems encountered when 
network connectivity is broken.

2. .mht experimental web archive bugs (missing files in the 
The mht archive option allows you to create RFC-MIME 
compliant messages containing a complete mirror (html 
pages, images, files..) in a single file. The overhead is 
important (base64 encoding) but this can be sometimes handy.
Again, this feature is experimental, and has to be 
activated using -%M in come commandline (or among with 
URLs). It will be "officially" merged in the interface for 
the next release.


Please report bugs/errors or unexpected parsing bugs in 
this RC release as usual, thanks!.

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* * HTTrack 3.30-RC18 (3.29.38) has been released

09/21/2003 10:21


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