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Subject: can't download sites
Author: Bill
Date: 09/22/2003 12:09
I have used HTTrack before, with much success.  I haven't
used it in a while, and have since "upgraded" to Windoze XP.
 I tried to download <>, but I
got "A problem occurred during the mirroring operation"
message. Then there's "During:" and a long explanation of
what HTTrack did, kind of long to copy by hand. I also get a
window that says "Delete empty project C:\My Web Sites\http" and a choice of OK and Cancel.  I
tried other web sites, same thing.  I downloaded the new
version 3.23, same thing.  I tried updating previously
downloaded sites, that worked.  I have tried changing the
settings, keeping everything default, etc., all to no avail.
 I know it must be something really stupid, but I can't
figure out what. Can anyone help?

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09/22/2003 12:09
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