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Subject: Null Characters in HTML Files
Author: valdepublic
Date: 09/23/2003 06:57
I'm running httrack from cygwin on Win2K on this URL:


The actual HTML file contains approximately 51,337 bytes.  
The downloaded HTML file truncates to 1,951 bytes.  There 
is a NULL (0x00) character at byte 1,952 of the file.

The hts-log.txt file says:

1 links scanned, 1 files written (50964 bytes overall) 
[51337 bytes received ...

Is there any way to force httrack to not truncate at NULL 
values when saving the file to disk?  I suspect that 
httrack is actually receiving the entire file, and then 
decides to truncate only when writing to the filesystem.

As a point of reference, another program, curl 
( seems to work fine on the URL, and 
I'm able to redirect the output to disk file without any 
problems of truncation.

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09/23/2003 06:57
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