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Subject: 2 small issues
Author: Steve Fox
Date: 09/25/2003 03:40
In the latest build, the option to "Browse Mirrored 
Website" at the completion of the mirroring will fail if 
you use the random filename option ('no index.html...' 

The Expert option "Use a cache for updates" seems to be by 
default checked. I wonder if that's a good choice. It 
caused me a half hour of head scratching this morning 
until I finally found it and unchecked it. I simply could 
not get a certain page to refresh even though it was 
updated on the server. Even unchecked "update hack", and 
that didn't work! Then I really started to freak out when 
hundreds of deleted .htm files would magically reappear in 
the mirror even after I had shut down the web the server. 
There was also no indication in the log that these files 
were coming from a cache. BTW, where IS the file cache???

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2 small issues

09/25/2003 03:40
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