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Subject: Cookie not acknowledged??!
Author: Paul
Date: 09/28/2003 22:52
When copying a site I am currently working on.


There is a section of the 
site /mysiteA/subsection/index.php

This PHP file checks for the existance of a cookie, and 
processes accordingly. When viewing my site everything 
looks fine. When copying the site w/ HTTrack through, it 
does not seem to acknoweldge that the cookie is set when 
it is. This is with IE and I have confirmed that the 
cookie is set and  exists in my documents & 
settings/username/Cookies folder..

For some reason when it checks the link / index.php file 
at in /mysiteA/subsection/index.php, the cookie check 
fails...As in i'm not getting the output copied of what I 
would expect if the cookie was set? Is this a known issue 
or is it just a HTTRack settings issue? I make sure the 
cookie has been set before I run HTTrack on the site.

I have tried with Accept Cookies on and Off, although 
neither should make a difference as I am setting the 
cookie before I run HTTrack. Any suggestions?

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Cookie not acknowledged??!

09/28/2003 22:52
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