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Subject: Re: www.ega-erfurt
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 09/30/2003 19:22
> The green stripe does not be mirrored. Please could you 
> help me.
> The 'green strip' mentioned in the text can be found on 
> this page <http://www.ega>-

You mean the green menu with 'Erlebniswelt', 'Florales und 
mehr' and so on.. ? It seems to work fine with the 3.30-
RC18 release as far as I can see (the link 'Uber die ega', 
for example, works fine, and other also do)

The 'Anreise'.. links seems also correctly downloaded.

The previous (3.23) release had bugs with many javascript 
menu - the 3.30 should be much compatible.

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