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Subject: CGI problem.
Author: Jerry
Date: 10/03/2003 08:36
Hi guys, having a problem with a CGI/CMS site on my 

I have created a login page to my CMS that has a read-only 
user account hard coded into it's query string. This page 
asks for a frame-set of pages from my CMS which in turn 
display a list of document categories and documents 

When I httrack it, this is what happens.

The first login page my-intranet-node/simpleBrowse.htm 
loads just fine, it logs onto my CMS, my-intranet-node/cgi-
bin/cms/cms.cgi, and extracts the frameset file and frame 
source pages from the CMS... so httrack IS getting files 
out of my CMS Ok, but when I examine the source for the 
category listing page, httrack has left the links to the 
documents themselves which also live in the CMS alone, 
rather than traversing and downloading the documents... ?
I have played with filters until I am blue in the face and 
have set --assume .cgi=text/html.

My starting url is; my-intranet-node/simpleBrowse.htm 

The CMS is at; my-intranet-node/cgi-bin/cms/cms.cgi and 
files ARE being pulled from it OK (the frameset and 
framesource files all live in the CMS).

The URL's that are not being parsed look like;

I'm stuck... any help much appreciated. Cheers. Jerry.


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10/03/2003 08:36
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