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Subject: Can't mirror this site! Help please!
Author: svyatoslav igorevich
Date: 10/06/2003 01:24
Hi, I'm trying to mirror this site using WinHTTrack v 3.23:


I don't want to grab all the thumbnails or the html files
because theirs a daily download limit of 250 megabytes.  I
the login script is a huge pain in the ***, I don't know if
it's asking for my login for every link or what, but I can't
get WinHTTrack to work by any of the usual methods or
options (I've been using WinHTTrack for close to a couple of
years now).  I've resorted to using Opera, and the
View>Links in Frame command, then I copied all the URLs,
stripped out the "URL=" part, and added in the WinHTTrack
login bit.  The resulting URLs look like this:


But instead of getting the jpeg files, I get html files, and
a folder full of readmes that say:

Info-file generated by HTTrack Website Copier 3.23+swf

The file C:/Documents and Settings/f.U-C6BAXOBHJHWHP/My
has not been scanned by HTS
Some links contained in it may be unreachable locally.
If you want to get these files, you have to set an upper
recurse level, and to rescan the URL.

Please, can you help me Xavier?  I don't need the whole site
at once, but even a gallery at a time is ten times better
than having to use my damn browser like I am now! Arg.


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