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Subject: Redirects
Author: James Cates
Date: 10/14/2003 17:24

On a pretty well-secured ASP driven site, I have extensive 
302 codes in my test URLs since they all require an ASP
session. So, I stuff all manner of bypassing onto the URL
in order to get each page. Now, that's all fine, but when
HTTTrack encounters the redirect it seems to check the 
redirect URL versus the actual entered URL and fail: 
something like this:

<http://ipaddress> <> ipaddress

Well, of course my redirects are relative and do not 
include the URI.

How can I get these redirects to work properly and just go
to the redirected URL?
Anyway, here's a snippet of debug log with ipaddress and 
some URL args removed for security:

11:11:32 Info:  engine: init
11:11:32 Info:  8 links added from C:\Documents and 
11:11:32 Info:  engine: start
11:11:32 Debug:  Wait get: primary/primary
11:11:32 Info:  engine: check-html: primary/primary
11:11:32 Debug:  scan file..
11:11:32 Debug:  link detected in html: 
11:11:32 Debug:  position link check 
11:11:32 Debug:  build relative link 
<http://ipaddress/Prog/Default.asp?Goto=SpStdSrc.asp> with 
11:11:32 Debug:  built relative link 
<http://ipaddress/Prog/Default.asp?Goto=SpStdSrc.asp> with 
primary/primary -> ipaddress/Prog/Default.asp?Goto=SpStdSrc.asp
11:11:32 Debug:  wizard link test at 
11:11:32 Debug:  wizard test begins: 
11:11:32 Debug:  Compare addresses: ipaddress!=primary
11:11:32 Debug:  result for wizard link test: 0


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