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Subject: httrack option queries.
Author: jenny eastman
Date: 10/19/2003 15:26
Hi i use this line currently to download stuff.
httrack -w -I0 -C1 -L0 -K0 -N0 -u2 -%P -j -d  -*.pdf -*.zip 
-*.bin -*.doc -*.swa -*.fla -*.cab -*.xls -*.avi -*.wav -r 3
-O dirname

1. the -r is a path level. Can i specify a click level?.
Eg: with -r is 
gif is used by the then it wont load. Can i tell 
httrack to load prerequisites(meaning it will get all stuff 
necessary to load the home page correctly but wont get html 
pages beyond -r3.

2. Say i download using N3. All files will be 
stored in output dir web/. Now i delete some unwanted files 
from web/. Can i use -x and get httrack to point the missing 
url to a default error page?.

3. Can i set my own error page insted of using httracks 
error page.

Hope you can help.

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httrack option queries.

10/19/2003 15:26
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