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Subject: Can't get HTTrack to work.....
Author: Jim Ong
Date: 10/20/2003 22:50
So I'm doing something wrong here but I can't figger out 

I have a company web page where we have the license to 
download the pictures from this web page. Tha page adress 

You see on the left side the pages with products we need to 
download, when opening (by lrft clicking) on a link the 
products will show in the right page. Now here comes the 
problem<when clicking on the picture> a zoom image will 
appear. This is the image I want to download....

How do I set the settings in HTTrack to download???I tried 
several ways: For example
Only put the address in : <> This will 
give everything from the internet adress EXEPT the zoomed 
Please help me out here because I'm working for several 
nights to this problem....

Thanks in advance for any advise or help given

Jim Ong

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10/20/2003 22:50
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