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Subject: Re: .jpg >20kb from and subdomains
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 10/21/2003 19:24
> i am trying to download all jpg files from within 
> domain AND its subdomains (such as 
> and i 
> realize that i need to set the filters but i am having 
> difficulties.

Set Options / Scan rules:

BUT also define reasonnable download settings (as jpg files 
can be HUGE) :

Set Options / Limits / Max transfer rate:

Set Options / Flow Control / Number of connections:

> i should also say that i do not wish to save 
> any of the other files (.htm, .gif, nor .jpg smaller than 
> 20kb, etc..).


.. but beware: you may exclude the frontpage (<20KB?)

This one might be better:

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