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Subject: Re: More Logics and Funtions Expected
Author: Peter Drakes
Date: 08/19/2001 20:18
Hi Alan and Xavier,

Peter Drakes here again.

Alan mentioned:

> 1) 	Site with session id.
> 	(This has been already mentioned by  Julio 
> and Peter Drakes.)
> 	It seems no solution by now.
> I hope the above mentioned can give you some ideas. 
> WinHTTrack
> can get through with them, I think it would be the 
> real king of
> site downloaders.

Alan, I agree with your 200%. I do hope that Xavier 
will give serious thought to your ideas and of course 
to eliminating the unnecessary downloading of multiple 
copies of the same pages when a site uses session IDs.

I have tried almost ALL the site downloaders and 
HTTrack is the best EXCEPT for this one lacking 
feature that it does handle sites with session IDs 
well AT ALL.

Xavier, I wish you the best and if there is anyone out 
there who can help him then please do.

Peter Drakes
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