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Subject: Re: How to avoid parsing
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 10/24/2003 19:38
> Sometimes I downloaded some big sites (like some archives 
> of magazines or newspaper, that ar not changing in time, 
> only is added the new numbers of newspaper) and I need to 
> do this in 2-3 sesions. It is very long the time to wait 
> until is parsed all, I need to start downloading 
> immediately without parsing. It is possible? 

Well, first use "Continue an interrupted mirror", which 
should be much faster when continuing an interrupetd 
Then, if you have big lags on dynamic (php, asp, cgi..) 
files, ensure that you predefined in Set Options/MIME Types 
the MIME type corresponding to the file extension 
(generally, php,asp,cgi,pl <-> text/html)

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