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Subject: Create a registrey key for HTTrack
Author: Andrew H. Carter
Date: 10/25/2003 05:36
If you would like to place a button/menu item under the 
Tools section in Internet Explorer, then copy/paste the 
following and save it as a *.REG file. Assumptions, you 
have Win98SE and have IE6.0 SP1, from what I have found the 
last number can be changed in increments of 1 for each 
tool/website you want a button for, so you may want to 
start at one. note that since I am not sure of the syntax 
for extracting/using the embeded files, I extracted one via 
Xnview and used that, it's okay, but could be better.  For 
some reason each new entry that I have done in this 
fashion, the menu item gets placed at the top.  Mind you, 
you can change any of the descriptive text to what ever you 
want, but the pair of quotes on the left hand side of 
the "=" sign are important and should not be changed:


"Default Visible"="Yes"
"Icon"="C:\\Program Files\\WinHTTrack\\WinHTTrack.ico"
"HotIcon"="C:\\Program Files\\WinHTTrack\\WinHTTrack.ico"
"Exec"="C:\\Program Files\\WinHTTrack\\WinHTTrack.exe"
"ButtonText"="Run WinHTTrack"
"MenuText"="Website Mirror with WinHTTrack"
"MenuStatusBar"="WinHTTrack:  Website Mirror Utility"


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Create a registrey key for HTTrack

10/25/2003 05:36
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