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Subject: moving downloaded sites to different directories
Author: David Armstrong
Date: 10/26/2003 18:08
I keep a "download" directory with various branches for all 
my downloaded material, including HTTrack downloads. I 
originally had all my HTTrack downloads in one directory, 
but wanted to reorganize them logically. I moved them 
around, and then re-defined the BasePath in the registry, 
and all the ones in that basepath re-appeared under Project 
name drop-down. When I came back later though, nothing 
appeared, and now all my *.whtt files seem to have been 
deleted! (I assume somehow the program deleted them, 
because I know I didn't). 

Is there any way I can get all of these back in the Project 
name drop-down? Is it possible to have different downloads 
in different directories, and still have all of them appear 
in the Project name dropdown? Is there a master file that 
allows me to link to all my HTTrack downloads?

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moving downloaded sites to different directories

10/26/2003 18:08
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